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"A valuable asset to the therapeutic community. Kristen is great at what she does," - Rebecca Downing, colleague

"You have taught me so much these past months. Please know that all you do makes a difference, and is so appreciated." - client

"Kristen is a lovely teacher and was a pleasure to work with doing DBT and the Interpersonal Effectiveness Module. She presents manageable life skills in a clear, kind, relatable and lightly humorous manner to engage us and make us think. The homework was concise and useful for daily life. The class truly inspired me to better advocate for myself and express emotions/needs in a healthy, calm and clear way. Using the mindfulness skills has been very beneficial as well." - Northampton Center for DBT Participant 

"Kristen is a delight to work with. I appreciate her clinical wisdom, compassion, devotion to quality care and her overall lovely spirit." - Linda Delamater, colleague

"Kristen’s sincere compassion, patience, and knowledge always help initiate a very relaxed, yet productive couple’s therapy session." - client

"DBT really helped me understand myself better, tolerate stress more effectively, understand what isn't socially acceptable, be easy-going, and communicate with people better." - Northampton Center for DBT Participant

"Kristen provides participants with a both professional and inviting space to explore the DBT skills and concrete ways to practice each skill in our own situations. I have found the Emotion Regulation Module extremely helpful in navigating my own emotions, as I am learning how to identify their functions. This has given me a new awareness into how I can express or diffuse emotions in different situations." - Northampton Center for DBT Participant

"Kristen has an incisive way of getting right to the heart of what matters. She's warm-hearted and caring and goes about supporting her client with spirit and a healthy dose of good humor." - Tom Nields-Duffy, colleague